“My friend’s cows were eaten by hyenas because he is so addicted to cigarettes”

  Recently I had the privilege of accompanying two of my Masters (MSc) students to different parts of rural Ethiopia to help supervise and assist them in their final-year MSc research projects. Both projects involved assessing smoking habits and passive smoking among people

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Precious Ethiopian Moment #12: The Aged Lady and Her Sweet Melody

I looked at my last “Precious Ethiopia Moment” post and realized that it was #11, so I’m calling this post “Precious Ethiopian Moment #12.” Nevertheless, I’ve experienced hundreds of precious moments since I came to Ethiopia from England almost two years ago,

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Precious Ethiopian Lollipop Moments!

Today I was travelling to work on my usual “line taxi,” a type of minibus that is widely used as public transport in Addis Ababa, and as I walked toward a row of line taxis, a young girl- she must

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How to get a street hole filled in

Several months ago I was walking leisurely down a main street in Addis Ababa with two friends. After a while, we noticed a large hole ahead of us. It was about a metre in diameter and perhaps more than that

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A VSO Biochemistry Professor’s Eventful and Amazing Year!

It has been 11 months since I arrived in Ethiopia as a VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) UK volunteer professor of biochemistry at Addis Ababa University Medical School. It has been a professionally and personally productive, often poignant experience. I can

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Update: Students to Visit US Laboratory

A quick update on a previous post, in which I wrote about two of our PhD students here at Addis Ababa University Medical School who were invited to visit a research laboratory in Pennsylvania, USA: https://biochemistrydoctor.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=977&action=edit I am very pleased

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A VSO Volunteer Professor of Medical Biochemistry: An Unexpected Bonus

Ethiopia has one of the lowest, and perhaps THE lowest, prevalence of cigarette smokers in the world. It is, indeed, something to be proud of. I wrote a previous post (see link, below) in which I presented WHO data from

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