Sign this petition and give poor Ethiopians a voice against the expansion of tobacco farms and increasing cigarette production

    Please sign the following petition and share it as widely across the internet as you can: Here’s why… In mid-2016, the Ethiopian government broke WHO FCTC tobacco treaty laws (Article 5.3) by selling 40% of shares of

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It is a sad situation when we fear writing a medical article that promotes the health of Ethiopia’s poor

Over three years ago, not too long after I arrived in Ethiopia as a volunteer professor of Medical Biochemistry, I witnessed the gradual appearance of hundreds of posters advertising Rothmans cigarettes, a brand of British American Tobacco (BAT), appearing all

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Ninety minutes on the streets of Addis

Every Saturday for the past few months I’ve bought 10 to 15 loaves of bread (100 to 150 birr) and 50 to 100 lollipops (50 to 100 birr), and sometimes other edible items, then the next morning walked the local streets for about 90

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“My friend’s cows were eaten by hyenas because he is so addicted to cigarettes”

  Recently I had the privilege of accompanying two of my Masters (MSc) students to different parts of rural Ethiopia to help supervise and assist them in their final-year MSc research projects. Both projects involved assessing smoking habits and passive smoking among people

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Precious Ethiopian Moment #12: The Aged Lady and Her Sweet Melody

I looked at my last “Precious Ethiopia Moment” post and realized that it was #11, so I’m calling this post “Precious Ethiopian Moment #12.” Nevertheless, I’ve experienced hundreds of precious moments since I came to Ethiopia from England almost two years ago,

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Precious Ethiopian Lollipop Moments!

Today I was travelling to work on my usual “line taxi,” a type of minibus that is widely used as public transport in Addis Ababa, and as I walked toward a row of line taxis, a young girl- she must

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How to get a street hole filled in

Several months ago I was walking leisurely down a main street in Addis Ababa with two friends. After a while, we noticed a large hole ahead of us. It was about a metre in diameter and perhaps more than that

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